When the Credit Bank Required To Develop Your Business

Rarely businesses that can grow up without the involvement of bank loans. In terms of the entrepreneur, speed and enlarge the scale of your business with capital support from banks. But how to get the right timing to get credit from banks, especially credit property. Here are simple tips.

get credit from banks

For those of you who want to make a property purchase loans in the bank, or working capital, there are many things you should know. Terms include the ability of the debtor, credibility and collateral

The ability of the debtor.

The ability of the debtor is a major prerequisite, because the banks expect loans to be normal, and did not stop in the middle of the road. In looking at the ability of borrowers, banks will see a massive amount of income and expenditure. One is the account mutation to assess consumption patterns.

The most important thing in computing capability, known as Debt Buren ratio, or debt ratio tehadap income. Generally, banks set the third, although it does not mean nothing is loosened. In this formulation the bank sets, the entire installment to income ratio of take-home pay can not exceed one-third.

In addition based on the recognition of borrowers, banks can also checking into the data center in the Bank. The data center will menyajuikan clearly debtor history, credit status, loan size, the amount of the mortgage, and credit quality, whether current or have problems.


It depends on the track record of borrowers in dealing with banks. Traced from internal bank checks, also based on a blacklist issued by Central bank data, the Association of Credit Card Issuer, or of managing credit cards such as Visa / Mastercard.

For those of you who are not credible because of poor credit quality, do not expect to obtain any credit from the banks, before your credibility issues resolved.


Bank is not a pawn shop or auction institution, so basically the banks do not like to take over the collateral. In addition to the cost of acquisition is quite large, the stage is also very time-consuming and labor intensive. However, the collateral value becomes very important for the bank as a "second way out" if the debtor defaults or default turns.

Collateral value is usually determined by the independent appraiser pertugas bank or appointed. Collateral value is determined from the administration requirements Certificate, building quality, strategic location, fast-slow resale. Generally, banks did set a specific size for the width of the home to be financed, is associated with the value of the collateral if the bank was forced to take over.

Down Payment

Many have questioned why the Bank is often requested Down Payment (DP) in large quantities (typically 20% of new homes and 30% secondary home / second home). DP helps banks in two ways. First, the initial bond that creates a "sense of belonging" to the debtor, the debtor's ownership is expected to be trying hard to credit is not easily ignored and become stuck.

Second, the DP became a buffer for the bank if the loan defaults. As we know, when a bad credit, the bank is not easy to re-sell, because selling the property it takes a long time, not to mention the costs of the bank's acquisition of the house as collateral is also not small. With the DP is expected when the bank sells the house back,, the sale could cover the remaining debt and costs incurred during litigation or takeover.

Well if you have a business, and want to enlarge the scale, do not ignore the three items above. And be prepared to be a great business in the future.

How to Spend Less Money On Electric Bill

Electricity became one of the most important requirement today. Almost all activities rely on electricity, whether leisure activities like watching a television, browsing the internet, or even a serious activities like a work.

How to Spend Less Money On Electric Bill

Talk about How to Spend Less Money On Electric Bill is not endless. The high usage of electronic items affected the spending electric quite a bit of anyway. The following tips for those who want to prevent the electric bill soaring. Changing the lifestyle have a big impact on the electricity savings. Not only that, you also need to replace some of the components and equipment in order to saving electric is no longer discourses.

1.An easy thanks to save on electricity by minimizing the utilization of kit that needs electricity, such as TV, white goods, etc.. If needed, you'll purchase home appliances that don't seem to be wasteful of electricity consumption. during this case, you'd ought to be meticulous that product don't seem to be wasteful of electricity consumption.

2.Disconnect the electrical plug from electric appliances such as televisions or radios while not being used. during stand by, electronic equipment spending electric amounted to 5 watts.

3.For practical reasons, consider buying a laptop than a desktop or laptop since personal computer as consuming 5 times less electricity than a desktop.

4.Combine computer cables and supporting components, such as a printer or scanner into a single plug. So when you turn off the computer, just push one button only. Clean the dust filter in the vacuum cleaner regularly. A clogged filter will be make it work harder, so that more wasteful of electricity consumption.

5.Calculate the number of lamps was planned and the existing power. Where possible, increase the opening in the house, so that the use lights during the day can be minimized

6.Bathroom with shower? No need for long standing under it when the water continues to flow.

7.If you are thinking of moving house, why not select or create an environmentally friendly home?

8.Cooking water? Boil in large quantities at a time, as needed that day. Want to heat water to make coffee or tea? Yes, as needed.

9.Select the most energy-efficient equipment model you can afford to buy. Indeed, the price is a bit expensive, but it is only the beginning, right? Consider it an investment, after all you do not need to pay expensive bills anymore.

10.Turn on the electric water heater for shower just before use and turn off when not use it anymore.

11.Moreover you also need to noticed certain equipment in the home. Do not be too frequently reduce the temperature in the freezer to speed up freezing. Simply use a normal freezer temperatures.

12.Install the solar energy heater. Make your home as a source of power!

13.Set the air temperature as needed. We recommend that the difference room temperature with the outside temperature is not too far away, because getting cold temperature, the greater the electrical energy used.

You should calculate the electrical power needs of your home everyday. To find out the foremost electricity needs for your home, For that, you wish to understand in detail the calculation of the electric bill. If necessary, you may request to the electrical service to provide you with billing details that you spend per day. By doing so, you will know your electrical spending each day and can control it at any time.

Property Investment Review

Property can serve as a place to live as well as can be an investment. Property products can be utilized as an investment in the future Because there is a possibility the price will go up. Property prices will increase of in the future with the logic that the amount of land available is more limited.


On the one hand, as well as other investment products, it also contains the risk that the price will not rise or even fall. If that land is limited, then it is Likely the price drops? Imagine if when you buy a property, Whether land or a building, it turns out there are in the area of nuclear radiation content. Of course everyone will think twice to buy a property within the space, that successively makes the demand and property prices to go down.

Important points to consider when buying property is location. Often you must have heard of the event properties. And, in fact, it is how it is. What Becomes of key importance in the selection of the property.

Generally accepted theory is that the more strategic the location will be more expensive. It is indeed true. But the thing to note is when prices continue to climb, will be up as high as what? And, Whether the high prices, there are people who are willing or Able to buy it?

This is important  Because  location of your property and any high rise in prices, in the end buyers who decide Whether they are willing and Able to buy. If none is interested, it will be a detriment to you as the property will surely require maintenance and others.

In considering the location, you'll want to do a small survey first. Try to visit these properties in the area during weekdays, during holidays, or even during the rainy season. Some property developers say that the property they are offering is only so many minutes from downtown, you try to do the survey if it was as stated by the developer. you can see the condition of the area when it rains. Do not let you buy a property that turns any regular rains flooded. You can do a cross-check to the ordinary people who move around the area.

Investing in property, growing niche to require a high capital, either in the form of land or a house. This makes it easy to access as an investment. To invest in property, you can use the credit facility.

Investing in property with the use of home loans have been better if the property is a productive asset. That is, the property could provide a source of regular monthly passive income that is higher than the monthly mortgage repayments.

So, at the end you can use as a vehicle for investing. But, Because the price is expensive and limited in number, will need some attention so you are not wrong in buying it. You also can use your own property as producing passive income, do not have to wait for the price to increase of in the future.

Lastly, if you want to buy with mortgage facilities, make sure that the mortgage can be accommodated by your financial health.

How to Wise Use Of Credit Card

Credit card offers and the ease of applying  application to invite the community to have a credit card. some people argue that now do not have a credit card means obsolete. However, a person who has a credit card should already be familiar with the rights and obligations of the credit card holder.

How to Use Credit Card Wisely

If customers know their rights and obligations as card holders, surely customers will not have difficulty in paying their credit card bills. But most of the people we already perceive as credit card debt card, not a plastic card that can be used to facilitate payment. Customer behavior like this makes accumulating debt and difficulty in repayment.

Some of the advantages credit card holders:

1. Discounts on certain merchant
2. 0% interest for the purchase of goods or services
3. No need to carry large amounts of cash
4. Knowing the interest credit cards for shopping
5. Obtain billing information complete and accurate.

Credit card holder's obligations:

1. Paying the annual fee
2. Settle the claim prior to maturity
3. Pay interest on your credit card if the customer does not pay the bills before the due date
4. Pay interest on the cost of the seal
5. Pay a late fee or penalty.

Indeed a credit card is a high-risk loans because the loan does not go through the usual conditions apply, such as have no guarantee and easy process. Therefore, banks charge interest rates high enough to compensate in the event of a write off due to default.
Bank card issuers sometimes not transparent on the imposition of interest credit card, bank and even be able to apply methods of calculating compound interest or compounding interest. If the method is used then the customer will eventually balance the greater debt.

So as not to cause a problem with a credit card, here are the things you should consider:

1. Make sure if you use a credit card, you already have a sufficient balance to make purchases. Do not until you actually do not have any money but forced shopping with a credit card.

2. Make sure you pay in full before the due date and your credit card bills. That way, you will not be exposed to interest on your bill.

3. If you are unable to pay off some credit card bills, you should stop the use of credit cards. Furthermore, the burden of paying off quickly or gradually pay credit card bills or the highest interest rate is greatest when the flowers together. Please note, this payment must be above the minimum payment and the same amount each month until paid.

4. Use a credit card for transactions instead to ease debt card. Because you are going to buy services are more expensive than buying direct

5. Do not swap credit card debt by using a debt guarantee. Debt guarantees have consequences you will lose assets if you can not pay your debts.